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    TNR IS working on Kauai!

    Many people who are concerned about wildlife reject TNR because “it doesn’t get rid of all the cats,” which they fear are “causing” the extinction of bird species on Kauai. There are many things wrong with these statements. In prior articles, we’ve discussed that cats are not “causing” the bird declines. Yes, they kill birds, but they are a third …

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    The Truth About Toxoplasmosis – Rebuttal To Hawaii News Now

    There has been a lot of media recently about toxoplasmosis causing the deaths of Hawaiian monk seals and spinner dolphins. Unfortunately, their reporting is loaded with inaccuracies. Our Vice President, Martha Girdany, a biologist specializing in infectious disease, wrote the following rebuttal to Mary Vorsino, who produced the Hawaii News Now article May 3, 2016 on this very subject. This …

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    How The Number Of Feral/Community Cats On Kauai Was Estimated

    This study explains how the number of feral/community cats on Kauai was estimated. In addition to the total number of cats, it’s important to address how many cats are located near coast and interior areas that may be habitat for endangered birds. Our president, Basil Scott, who is an engineer and spent his entire professional career in the scientific and …

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    Don’t Let TNR Become Illegal In Kauai!

    Aloha Cat Lovers and TNR Supporters!  Today, I want to extend our discussion about those “closed door,” meetings that were held to decide the fate of TNR (trap-neuter-return) on Kauai. “Closed door” is The Garden Island’s term, because calling them “secret” seems to be interpreted as “illegally secret.” But then, they might be illegally secret. You might ask, what is …

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    Secret Meetings On Feral Cat Ordinance

    Aloha Cat Lovers,  I’m writing today to let you know that for the past year, the Kauai County Council has been holding secret meetings concerning an ordinance that will restrict and/or ban TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) in Kauai County. These meetings have intentionally been kept secret, with the County government asserting its right to secrecy despite being questioned. These secret meetings have also discussed …

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    County Restrictions Could Mean Big Trouble For TNR Caregivers and Kauai’s Cats!

    If you’re helping our island cats as a TNR caregiver, the County is ready to crack down on you like a criminal. Never mind that TNR helps the County tremendously, providing services that would be valued at over $1 million if paid for in cash. Or that these services are provided AT NO COST to the County because they are …