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    Wild Child – A Miraculous Recovery

    Wild Child was found at one of our East Shore colonies with a horrific mammary tumor. After several attempts to trap her, KCCP founder, Sue Scott, was finally able to coax her into a trap and get her to Kapaa Animal Clinic for emergency care. The vet had never seen anything like it, especially in a very feral kitty. Surgery was performed, but …

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    One of our volunteers, Christy Ryan, rescued a cat from a dangerous situation: local authorities were trapping and killing cats in the area because of concerns about the cats hunting endangered birds. A tourist, Jean Dunbabin, told KCCP about a specific kitty she had seen at this location during her vacation and that she was interested in adopting the kitty. Christy made numerous trips …

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    A New Home in Canada

    A Canadian tourist visiting the North Shore made friends with an adorable tabby cat on the lanai of her vacation rental. She contacted us in hopes that we could find him a foster home until he could be adopted. Unfortunately, we had no foster homes available, so with the help of KCCP and Dr. Nishimoto she was able to obtain a …

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    Tiny Cat’s Happily Forever After

    Kauai Community Cat Project rescued this tiny little girl when she was only about four weeks old, barely past being weaned. One of our volunteers took her in to foster her, and then to see a veterinarian right away because she was having digestive problems. It turned out this tiny girl had intestinal parasites, and it took weeks and weeks and weeks …

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    Sophie, Against All Odds

    Sophie was found abandoned and alone in front of Kmart – and Kauai Community Cat Project came to the rescue. She was approximately 7 months old, partially blind, severely malnourished and dehydrated, covered in lice, suffering from flea allergy dermatitis and parasites, and to make a bad situation even worse, she was pregnant. It took months for her to recover, …

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    Kimo, a Very Lucky Kitty!

    Aloha. My name’s  Kimo, and this is my story. I was a kitten dumped on the Kalalau Trail and begging for food from tourists. Luckily for me, a kind-hearted tourist told Kauai Community Cat Project (KCCP) about me. They arranged to have someone hike in to catch me and bring me back out civilization and to be neutered. My mom, …

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    Westin, the Love Bug

    Westin got his name because he was a stray who had been hanging out at the Westin in Princeville for about year. Several guests contacted us about him, telling us that he was a wonderful, friendly guy. Over the summer, we were able to trap him and get him neutered, and we returned him to the Westin. The guest who told …

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    Sweet Little Pua

    This sweet little kitten was found at a farm in Anahola, and was so friendly and sociable we knew she would be a wonderful candidate for adoption. Shortly after being spayed, she was taken to one of our events at Kukui Grove and within minutes of her arrival was adopted by a wonderful Kilauea couple. They are thrilled to have her …

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    A Happy Life for Bod

    “Our cat, Bod, found his way to us via Kauai Community Cat Project, and they really worked with us to find the cat that belonged in our family. We were able to visit with Bod for some time before taking him home, in a setting where he felt safe. It was great to get to know him a bit first …