More Frightening Than Halloween

News | October 31, 2016

“Be scared…very, very scared. I’m not talking about Halloween, when ghosts and goblins abound. I’m talking about something even more frightening. I’m talking about the mass eradication of cats in the environment.

There are many reasons to be horrified. One is the notion that some conservationists, who call for the mass removal of cats, state they want them treated humanely. Meanwhile, they give ghoulish nods to trapping, snaring, shooting, and poisoning cats.”

There are many conservationists who would like to see free-roaming cats eradicated. Please read this excellent article from Alley Cat Allies about a new conservation group “who call themselves compassionate conservationists, recognizes that wildlife protection must be based on sound science and altruism, not on pitting one species against another.”