Sophie, Against All Odds

Success Stories | January 21, 2015

Sophie was found abandoned and alone in front of Kmart – and Kauai Community Cat Project came to the rescue. She was approximately 7 months old, partially blind, severely malnourished and dehydrated, covered in lice, suffering from flea allergy dermatitis and parasites, and to make a bad situation even worse, she was pregnant. It took months for her to recover, but her spirit and patience never wavered. Because of her eye condition, it was necessary to surgically remove one of her eyes and do some minor corrections to the lid of the other eye – thanks to a generous donor. With the proper medications, excellent veterinary care and lots of TLC, Sophie has made a full recovery. She is certainly a remarkable cat who has kept a good attitude and thrived against all odds! And the best thing of all is that Sophie is now in her forever home with a loving new mom!