A Happy Life for Bod

Success Stories | January 13, 2015

“Our cat, Bod, found his way to us via Kauai Community Cat Project, and they really worked with us to find the cat that belonged in our family. We were able to visit with Bod for some time before taking him home, in a setting where he felt safe. It was great to get to know him a bit first and make sure we were a good fit for him. Since Bod was cared for in such a warm, loving environment prior to our adoption, he adjusted very easily and quickly to our home.  The foster was so incredibly helpful with transitioning him into our lives and has been a great source of knowledge and advice ever since. We couldn’t imagine our lives without Bod, and we’re beyond grateful for those who rescued him, cared for him so well, and made it possible for us to know and love him. Every cat deserves a home. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you, Kauai Community Cat Project.“