TGI Article, “Seabirds: Threats at Sea”

News | October 10, 2016

The October 8, 2016 edition of Kauai’s daily newspaper, The Garden Island (TGI), contained an article entitled, “Seabirds: Threats at Sea.” The article notes that our president, Basil Scott, wrote a letter to Suzanne Case, the chairwoman of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), requesting further investigation into reasons for the decline of Newell’s shearwater seabirds. The TGI article quotes Basil as saying that DLNR have consistently focused on land-based impacts to explain Shearwater decline, while Newell’s shearwaters spend the majority of their time over the sea. Basil requested that DLNR consider such things as overfishing and ocean temperature rise when examining reasons for the decline of Newell’s shearwaters.

The TGI article contains several quotes from Basil’s letter to DLNR, but we think it will be useful for you to read the entirety of Basil’s letter, which includes a list of scientific references.

Please click here for the entire letter KCCP president, Basil Scott sent to Suzanne Case.