Tiny Cat’s Happily Forever After

Success Stories | January 21, 2015

Kauai Community Cat Project rescued this tiny little girl when she was only about four weeks old, barely past being weaned. One of our volunteers took her in to foster her, and then to see a veterinarian right away because she was having digestive problems. It turned out this tiny girl had intestinal parasites, and it took weeks and weeks and weeks to get her digestive tract working properly. Through it all, she remained very sweet and a typical full-of-life-and-energy kitten. Our foster named the kitten Tiny Cat because that name just seemed to fit. After nearly six weeks of drugs and probiotics, Tiny Cat was ready to find a furr-ever home. Not surprisingly, our foster decided to keep her because she had wrapped her tiny kitten paws around the foster’s heart. And the foster changed the kitten’s name to Li’i — the Hawaiian work for tiny or small — because it was clear that the kitten would never get very large. Li’i has integrated well into our volunteer’s multi-cat family, and is doing wonderfully.