Volunteers Needed

Kauai Community Cat Project (KCCP) needs volunteers so that we can maintain AND expand our efforts to help community cats around the island. You probably want to know what’s involved in volunteering, so here’s a brief description and explanation.

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience because you are helping community cats to lead a better life. If you really love cats, please consider volunteering for KCCP.

Volunteer Opportunities:

KCCP will train you in the entire TNR process, and you will work with an experienced trapper so that you learn what to do until you are ready to conduct TNR on your own. We will help you coordinate the process of getting the trapped cats to and from Kauai Humane Society for spays or neuters, and then returning the cats to where they were captured.
We always need help transporting trapped cats to or from KHS. In particular, we are only permitted to bring FIVE (5) community cats to KHS per EACH TRAPPER for spay or neuter, so if our trapper(s) have more than 5 cats each, we need additional people to help us take them into KHS.
We are always in need of volunteers to feed and care for community cats, and KCCP can help to supply the cat food. As a caregiver, you’ll get to know the cats you see every day. You’ll be able to monitor their health and provide medication (which KCCP supplies) when needed. You’ll also monitor the colony for new cats that have been dumped or abandoned.
If you have room in your home and heart to take care of kitten(s) or cat(s) in need, please consider becoming a foster parent or family. Here’s the link to fill out an application: Become A Foster
Be a Wings For Whiskers Kitty Kourier and escort one (or more) of our kitties on your flight to the mainland if you’re flying to Seattle, Portland, Oakland, or San Diego.
If you have experience organizing events, please consider being a part of our Event Coordinating Committee. Or maybe you’d like to be one of our Set-up/Take-down crew on the day of the event.