Success Stories | November 22, 2016

One of our volunteers, Christy Ryan, rescued a cat from a dangerous situation: local authorities were trapping and killing cats in the area because of concerns about the cats hunting endangered birds. A tourist, Jean Dunbabin, told KCCP about a specific kitty she had seen at this location during her vacation and that she was interested in adopting the kitty. Christy made numerous trips to the location and was finally able to trap the kitty. It wasn’t long before the kitty was on a flight to Seattle through our Wings For Whiskers transfer program. Jean then gave the kitty to her son’s family, who named her Waimea, which is the location where she came from in Kauai. We were thrilled when we received the photo below of Waimea and Jean’s grandson, David. She said that Waimea follows David around the house – even waiting for him while he is in the shower.  (NOTE:  We have permission from the Dunbabin family to share the photo of David with Waimea.)