Westin, the Love Bug

Success Stories | January 14, 2015

Westin got his name because he was a stray who had been hanging out at the Westin in Princeville for about year. Several guests contacted us about him, telling us that he was a wonderful, friendly guy. Over the summer, we were able to trap him and get him neutered, and we returned him to the Westin. The guest who told us about him wanted to adopt him, but it didn’t work out. So Westin (the cat) went back to hanging out near the grill and getting food from various guests. In December, guests from Canada fell totally in love with him, and also wanted to take him home, but they were unable to do so on their flight. Reluctantly leaving him behind, we networked to find a home for him. Westin struck the jackpot, because when we took him to a shop where the shop owner said he could be an indoor-outoor cat. The shop owner immediately fell in love with him and took him home! She reports that he is a love bug, not at all bothered by her other cats and dogs, and now sleeps in her bed with her, keeping her warm on chilly nights.