Wild Child – A Miraculous Recovery

Success Stories | December 20, 2016

Wild Child was found at one of our East Shore colonies with a horrific mammary tumor. After several attempts to trap her, KCCP founder, Sue Scott, was finally able to coax her into a trap and get her to Kapaa Animal Clinic for emergency care. The vet had never seen anything like it, especially in a very feral kitty. Surgery was performed, but the vet said her chance of recovery was pretty slim due to the complexity of the surgery.

There was an extensive recovery time, and Sue risked being scratched or bitten every time she fed Wild Child or changed her cage. However, years of experience was on Sue’s side and she developed a system using dowels to keep Wild Child save in back of cage while feeding her. After 30 days of care, Wild Child was declared well by a very surprised vet. It was a miraculous recovery!

Because Wild Child needed to be contained during her healing process, the big question was – since we had not seen her walk since the surgery – could she?  The vet had to  pull the skin very tight to close up the surgery area. The only way to know for sure was to take her back to her colony and open the cage door. Wild Child said, “Mahalo, Kauai Community Cats, for saving my life” and took off running.

The cost – $400 in vet bills and a trip to medical doctor by Sue for a cat scratch infection. But seeing her run – Priceless.

This is just one of KCCP’s great Success Stories! But it takes thousands of dollars a month to cover all of our expenses for veterinary care (such as Wild Child’s), medications, spay & neuter costs, and transferring kittens to the mainland through our Wings For Whiskers program. Please help us cover our monthly costs by making a donation or signing up to be a Kitty Kahu. Your generous donations help us to keep helping our community cats and kittens! Mahalo!