Wings For Whiskers

Wings For Whiskers Transfer Program

In July 2015, we initiated our Wings For Whiskers transfer program. It is very difficult finding adopters for all of the kitties on Kauai, so we began our program by sending 8 kittens to Kitsap Humane Society in the Seattle area. All kittens were adopted within a week! In 2015, we transferred a total of 25 kittens off-island for adoption by partnering with Kitsap Humane Society and the Helen Woodward Animal Center in the San Diego area.

For these off-island transfers, we require the assistance of volunteers flying to Seattle, Portland, Oakland and San Diego. These volunteers accompany our kittens, at NO cost to them. We pay all the fees for shipping the kitties, and our volunteers meet the Kitty Kouriers at the Alaska Airlines check-in counter. Representatives from one of our mainland shelter partners will then be waiting at the airport upon arrival to pick up the kitties.

There are costs associated with the these transfers, including airline fees, health certificates, along with various vaccinations and tests. Helen Woodward Animal Center has graciously agreed to reimburse us for all costs we incur in transferring kittens to them. Please consider becoming a Kitty Kahu or making a one-time donation that will help us pay for the costs involved in transferring Kauai kitties to the mainland.

We are very excited about our Wings For Whiskers transfer program, and we’re planning for at least 100 transfers to the mainland this year!

Please call 808.634.4890 or email to let us know whenever you, your friends, or family are traveling non-stop to Seattle, Portland, Oakland, or San Diego and would like to be one of our Kitty Kouriers.

Cats in carriers at airport ready to be transported

Eight kittens were transferred to Kitsap Humane Society in July 2015 and are now living in their forever homes!

Couple with two cats in carrier at Lihue airport

Father Ryan Newman and his wife, Erin, with Panda and Boots who were transferred to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in December 2015.